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Expedition-31 - small aluminium yacht




Aluminum powerboat

Technical characteristics





Main cabin ceiling height

Ceiling hight in bow cabin

Passenger capacity

Sleep capacity

Fuel capacity

Water capasity

Kitchen length 2 m (6.5 ft.)  

Bathroom with pump toilet

9.5 m (31 ft.)

2.65 m (8.69 ft.)

0.36 m (1.18 ft.)

2.7 tons

2.05 m   (6 .72 ft.)

1.08 m (5.9 ft.)


500-1000 liters (132-264 gal)

100 liters (26 gal)



Expedition - aluminium motor boat

Description: Compact motor yacht or a large vessel?

"Expedition-31" is a fast and compact trailer motor yacht made of aluminum, it is a house on the water and the newest trend in the world of boats and yachts!

The "Expedition-31" is unique not only for its innovative design of the yacht-trawler. The interior is what distinguishes it from existing analogues. With a body length of 9.5 meters, due to its extensive view glazing with a sliding system, a spacious saloon with a large corner sofa and a full bow cabin with a closet and a double bed, Expedition-31 is filled with comfort and atmosphere of the house where all furniture is arranged according to the usual ergonomic standards. For example, in the kitchen you can use the usual household appliances - a two-compartment refrigerator, a microwave oven, a dishwasher, a stove with an oven. And in the salon it's even possible to install a decorative fireplace!

And this is not all innovative proposals! The boat can be with ELECTRIC engine Torqeedo Deep Blue 80i 1800  or the DriveMaster Ultimate / Performance with a body for semi-slippery and slow-moving driving modes - for short trips, with a range of 100 km in the protected areas of the planet.

The concept of "Expedition-31" uses the philosophy of the floating vacation at sea. Its classification is « Aluminum boat with a cabin», but it can be safely classified as "MOTOR YACHT 10 METERS AND LARGER". "Expedition-31" is a high-speed motor yacht designed for enjoying the water, small, but with an extensive upper deck and a spacious interior! She is able to travel quickly to your favorite places of recreation, where you like to enjoy a pleasant and comfortable stay on the water. As for the design it's a yacht in the style of Explorer. All the lines of design, decoration, and equipment in "Expedition" show you that it is a compact and comfortable motor yacht for the taste of the most discerning client, who loves order and aesthetics. Its design provides everything that you might need for a pleasant stay for you and your family on a long vacation or on short weekend outings.

The rugged aluminum body of "Expedition" is made of marine aluminum alloy 5083, It gives the yacht the ability to come right up to the shore without any damages, even if the sea bottom consists of fine stones and rocks. What is more important - with a length of only 9.5 meters and a width of 2.65 meters, you'll find the cost for docking the "Expedition-31" incredibly low . The dry weight of the Expedition is 2.7 tons, the draft with the hinged outboard engine is 0.35 meters. The main thing is that the dimensions of "Expedition-31" allow you to transport it on the trailer. It's a great yacht for traveling with your family to new unexplored places.

This yacht posesses incredible seaworthiness. The body of the "Expedition-31" has a deadrise of 16 degrees with a hydrolizer (hydroski). This allows the yacht to move very fast even with a small engine power, which is very economical (see video). As a result, the range of engine capacity  expanded from 300 hp to 600 hp, if two engines of 300 hp are installed.

Thanks to the straight stem, the "Expedition-31" contours have a sharp waterline and a deep deadrise in the bow - that's why the ride on the waves is soft. A straight sharp stem cuts and pushes the counter wave, and does not jam it into itself, like yacht hulls with traditional contours, which tend to fly on the wave and land very hard (see video). 

With regard to range of travel and economy: you have a choice of both short weekend outings at high speed to your favorite vacation spots, as well as living on this yacht full time or travel. Depending on your preferences you can order a version with a stationary diesel engine, or with one or two outboard engines with power of 200-300 liters. For fans of a leisurely weekend getaway an even more economical option is possible - you can order a version of the boat with a smaller engine of 150-200 liters. The speed will vary between  12 to 30 km / h.

 With a fuel tank capacity of 550 liters, the Expedition-31 runtime will be 10-11 hours, with a range of 400 to 500 kilometers and a fuel consumption of 50 liters per hour - this distance can be overcome during the daylight hours. For far distance travelers it is also possible to install a second 550 liter fuel tank. and with an economical, but high speed of 35 km / h with a diesel engine and a fuel consumption of 20 liters per hour, you can easily travel very large distances - up to 1800-2000 kilometers. At a quiet pace at 9 km / h, the fuel economy and distance covered will  increase three-four times - this is the immutable truth of the existing hydrodynamics. expenses in conditions of dacha-yacht comfort.  


Expedition's outer and inner spaces are developed in a single concept of style. The trawler or expeditionary style of large sea vessel gives «Expedition-31» its main advantage - an incredibly large  and very light interior space, thanks to the design with many windows. Such panoramic open glass design allows you to enjoy the sea, even if the sea is windy and wavy. And in good weather feel free to open all the windows -  completely from side to side! In addition you can open acrylic glass doors and welcome the sea into the cabin. The salon will double in space, like an open summer terrace with comfortable sofas and tables to enjoy refreshments.              More info & photo >>


As we mentioned previously, "Expedition-31" is a family yacht for a weekend getaway. It is a beautiful yacht to gather your family in, to have guests over for dinner, relax on the deck  and not feel too crowded. We love the concept of home-style comfortable use of space even in small yachts, which is what we successfully implemented when designing the interior of Expedition-31.           More info & photo >>

Expedition-31 - алюминиевый моторный катер
Expedition-31 - алюминиевый моторный катер
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