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Design and construction of boats and yachts
  • concept design of the exterior of boats and yachts

  • interior design of boats and yachts

  • design, working assembly drawings, preparation for cutting, bending parts and starting production, franchise

  • designing of non-standard equipment (feed platforms, ladders, rails)

  • design of individual yacht systems (fan, electrical system, fuel conditioning system, etc.)

  • computational strength work

  • consulting on designing, support of construction and production of boats and yachts

  • consultations on the construction and repair of motor and sailing yachts


  • design of compact houses of modular type

  • design of interiors of modular houses of container type

Maintenance of yachts and boats

We provide maintenance services for boats and yachts

  • preparation of boats and yachts for the season (aluminum, fiberglass)

  • repair of aluminum boats and yachts, including replacement of the hull part, welded work on the aluminum body

  • repair of launches and yachts from fiberglass - repair of scuffs, holes, cracks, scratches

  • Painting, puttying, color selection of paint and varnish composition

  • polishing of paint and varnish surfaces of boats and yachts and ship equipment from stainless steel.

  • replacement of seam sealant

  • antifouling (application of antifouling coating below the waterline)

  • laying, repair and cleaning deck decks (natural or artificial teak)

  • cleaning, dry cleaning of salon

  • installation of navigation, multimedia and household equipment

  • pre-sale preparation


  • catering on yachts

  • charter

  • organization of excursions on boats and yachts

Manufacture of various products from aluminum, steel, glass and plastics
  • ship hull assembly works with aluminum and steel - and any structural elements and products

  • designing and manufacturing, repair of any elements and products from aluminum and steel - arched and any non-standard spatial designs and products

  • manufacture of blades for boats and yachts

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