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An extensive experience in the production of boats, yachts and larger ships gave us a unique knowledge of different production technologies from wooden and fiberglass yachts, to our own know-how in aluminum yachts. Restoration of old yachts gave us knowledge of their ‘weak spots’, and the design of modern interior decoration contributed to our designs of wooden lacquered and upholstered furniture interior and stainless-steel structures. Constant study of new materials allows us to achieve new heights in building quality products.

  • The main material used in the production of our boats and yachts is the grade 5083 marine alloy aluminum . Lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum grade 5083 is the ideal metal for shipbuilding. It is durable and is abrasion resistant when approaching the shore unlike fiberglass yachts.

  • "Only aluminum"- this means that the hull and whole structure of our boats and yachts are made without the use of fiberglass, which ensures that the yacht does not have styrene odors in the yacht's premises.

  • Modern computer programs used to design aircrafts, yachts, and boats, allow us to obtain the highest accuracy when assembling the details of the hull.

  • For details of yachts and boats we use the laser metal cutting technology. Thanks to precise laser cutting, the parts are subjected to minimal processing and are assembled with highest accuracy just like legos

  • The details of the interiors of our yachts developed by our interior designers and installed by our  master carpenters are also developed and cut with high-end milling cutters.

  • Welding processes take place in bright clean rooms, on the welding equipment of KEMPI.

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