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About Us

We create the perfect aluminum ships. They are effective, innovative in their functional properties and attractive in design.

Yachts Design

Our work and our services begin with studying and understanding the needs of the market, finding new ideas and suggestions for future yacht owners. Then follows the development of the internal Terms of Reference, the development of the conceptual concept of the yacht and the creation of advanced design, from sketch sketches to the final 3D-visualization and layouts.

Yacht Engineering

The Own Design Bureau prepares the full project of the yacht in the 3D model with all details of its parts and parts, produces working files and drawings, assigns the assembly technology and issues the drawings to the assembly of production.

Yacht Engineering

Our experienced specialists from precisely manufactured parts collect the quality hull of the future yacht and install ship equipment on it.

The Our main value is our own elaborate line of modern yacht design in direct relationship with our own production.

Our production is located in St. Petersburg, the largest shipbuilding and industrial center of Russia, with high-tech enterprises, design bureaus, and qualified expert in the shipbuilding industry, whose history begins since 1706. In the whole history of the Russian Navy, every fourth vessel was built at the St. Petersburg shipyards.

The base of our company is the historical part of the legendary city - Galernaya Gavan (Galley Haven). Founded by a decree of the Emperor of Russia Peter I in 1721 as the main military port of the galley rowing fleet of those times and built by the leadership of Domenico Trezzini. Nowadays the port is still a monument of fortification art.

Our company continues the shipbuilding traditions of the Haven. Among the much larger competitors we took part in contest for the best design of littoral zone corvette. Our special pride - a well-earned reward for the prize place.

In our company’s history we created spectacular boats in classic and modern style - motor and sailing ships, and their design was always ahead of its time.


Now at our shipyards we built magnificent modern yachts made of aluminum for sophisticated customers.

The shapes and styles of our boats and yachts are always unique, they are developed in our own design bureau by our professional close-knit team in team with the best marine engineers. That is why our boats are so elaborated from the first sketches of a bold innovative design to an exact and technological embodiment in metal.

All decisions are weighted and discussed many times, and the results are re-checked in modern computer programs and in rigorous tests of finished models.


The needs of customers, the conditions of ergonomics, new interesting ideas and suggestions in the usage style of the yachts, their interiors - all that sets the requirements for the appearance of the yacht design.

Our thoughtful choice of materials and the assembly technology ensures high quality and comfort on board. The main distinguishing feature of our projects and finished yachts is a surprisingly roomy interior with a relatively small width of the hull.

It is the correct ratio of length to width that gives the very good running performance and seaworthiness of our hulls.

Yachts and boats from Modern Yachts are reliable, because they are assembled with high accuracy from laser-cut and laser-processed parts using materials and components from leading world manufacturers.

Yacht Engineering

Motor yachts and boats from the company Modern Yachts are:

  • Always new and interesting product in the market of boats and yachts.

  • New conceptual developments from our own design.

  • Advanced design, new ideas and suggestions to our potential buyers who are knowledgeable in yachts and who have good taste.

  • Precisely and finely worked out, spacious and bright interiors of yachts and boats.

  • High-quality, long-lasting aluminum cases from its own shipyard in St. Petersburg.


We are pleased to realize that the design of our yachts and their technical characteristics have positive review and review from people interested in yachts, potential buyers who are still dreaming of purchasing a modern stylish yacht and those who already own our yachts

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