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The interior of «Expedition-31»: Unexpected Spaciousness

As we mentioned previously, "Expedition-31" is a family yacht for a weekend getaway. It is a beautiful yacht to gather your family in, to have guests over for dinner, relax on the deck  and not feel too crowded. We love the concept of home-style comfortable use of space even in small yachts, which is what we successfully implemented when designing the interior of "Expedition-31". In this yacht we have all the attributes of a real comfortable life. In the bow cabin we placed  a cozy bedroom with a high ceiling and a double bed. In the drawers under the bed you will find storage for bed linens, and for your clothes in the cabin there is always a small wardrobe.


If you chose to intall a small TV in the bedroom then it can become a favorite place for young children. After swimming and playing in the water all day kids will rest on the bed watching cartoons


The large upper skylight in the bow cabin with a folding telescopic ladder is the exit to the deck - you can always go upstairs, bypassing the central salon.

 The place for gathering of the whole team is of course the central salon with a large kitchen. As in any yacht - it's a large living room with a corner sofa, a table, a built-in cabinets and a bar and a built-in flat screen 32' TV located above the bar cabinet. Here you will have lunches and dinners, spend your free time with your family or in a company of friends. Furniture is arranged in such a way that you still have a lot of freedom of movement. Interior colors that contrast the texture of wood and furniture upholstery in pastel colors set the atmosphere of home comfort


If necessary, the interior of the cabin can be furnished with bookshelves, under them - a decorative fireplace, or buily-in Hi-Fi acoustic system for enjoying your favorite «music over the ocean". The large corner sofa in the main salon can easily be expanded to a double bed and what is not unimportant, has a large box drawer - a compartment for storing blankets and bed sheets and pillows.


Under the carpets of the central cabin floor is a huge built-in storage box, in which you can store a folded rubber boat and an outboard engine. Although a rubber boat can be also stored on the roof of our yacht, unless of course you decide to bathe in the sun there instead. To get to the upper deck is easy – by passing through the bow cabin and the bow deck, or by installing another gangway to the roof from the stern of the cockpit.


Kitchen comes equipped with a gas stove and a sink, but the main thing is that it will fit  a dishwasher and washing machine together with a two-compartment 80- liter refrigerator


In "Expedition-31" we have an autonomous heating system, so in the cold regions you can enjoy the water until late autumn.


The Bathroom in this yacht deserves a special attention. Toilet with natural light - a large bright window-illuminator. The bathroom is simply huge: there is an electric sea toilet, a vanity with a sink, and a shower with a boiler for heating water. 

Onboard the "Expedition-31" you will appreciate incomparably magnificent comfortable conditions for boats of this class.

A unique layout, volume and spaciousness, comfortable furniture and a sufficient amount of home appliances, will allow you to live on water as comfortably as on land. And this is another good reason to buy a cabin boat, the only kind in its class with no compatible models anywhere in the world.

Every day spent on "Expedition-31" will be unforgettable for you and your family. Whether it's a holiday in a loud friendly company, a warm quite evening with your family, or a romantic dinner with music under the sunset, you can experience it all on our "Expedition-31".

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