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The exterior of "Expedition-31"

Expedition's outer and inner spaces are developed in a single concept of style. The trawler or expeditionary style of large sea vessel gives «Expedition-31» its main advantage - an incredibly large  and very light interior space, thanks to the design with many windows. Such panoramic open glass design allows you to enjoy the sea, even if the sea is windy and wavy. And in good weather feel free to open all the windows -  completely from side to side! In addition you can open acrylic glass doors and welcome the sea into the cabin. The salon will double in space, like an open summer terrace with comfortable sofas and tables to enjoy refreshments.

On the open stern there is a sofa,  the backs of which can be laid out into a bed, or you can put the cusions away into the stern drawer, freeing up the space on the platform near the water for fishing. You are welcome to use the aft however you like: catch fish, sunbathe, dive from the stern into the water or enjoy your dinner, while taking in the views of the sea. Whatever rocks your boat! 

Expedition's roof is so big that you can easily install solar batteries on it, store a dingy or enjoy a suntan. 


The high sides of the yacht with a flat bow deck is not just an attribute of fashion and an example of laconicism - it is primarily a very spacious bow cabin and comfort. The height of ceilings in the bow cabin is 1.65 m, in the central salon - 2.1 m, in the bathroom - 2.04 m.

Do you crave the wind, the speed, the salty waves splashing in your face? Do you miss the sunrises and sunsets? If you miss the romance and adventue of the sea – Expedition-31 will help you experience your dreams.

The interior of «Expedition-31» >>

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