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Expedition-26 - aluminum powerboat




Aluminum powerboat

Technical characteristics


Max. Length




Passenger capacity

Sleep capacity

Fuel capacity

Water capasity

Kitchen length 6.5 ft  

Bathroom with pump toilet

7.5 m (24.60 ft)

8 m (26.26 ft)

2.55 m (8.36 ft.)

0.34 m (1.11 ft.)

2 tons


500 liters (132-264 gal)

100 liters (26 gal)



Expedition-26 - aluminum powerboat

The innovative proposals of "Expedition-26"  is to be a real multi-purpose compact fisher elite-class. Alongside with that it still has the essence and function of a "Houseboat".


And if big sumptuous yachts are often called "houses afloat", then why not to make maximum comfort  out of just a 26 feet  boat with a trailer? "Expedition-26" has everything needed on board including a fair number of nice extras: shelves, drawers, glass holders. At that the internal living area is quite large. That’s why, "Expedition-26", not being too big, is a house afloat, too.

And this is not all innovative proposals! The boat can be with ELECTRIC engine Torqeedo Deep Blue 80i 1800  or the DriveMaster Ultimate / Performance with a body for semi-slippery and slow-moving driving modes - for short trips, with a range of 100 km in the ecologically clean districts of the planet.

The boat has more space inside, than it seems from the outside, owing to special design decisions such as the unity of the forebody area and the central cabin. It includes a wardroom and a fully-featured galley, WC and a wardrobe and even an open-air "porch" - with a couch and a little table under a roof.

"Expedition-26" has a high board and is good the navigated boat. This large navigation handicraft apt at maintenance up to 2 points of cruising speed.

Our vision of a decent navigation craft is by all means great quality and noticeable appearance. "Expedition-26" has a particular feature that highlights it from the other "classmates" in any marine yacht harbour.

This particular style makes the "Expedition-26" useful and effective on a deck of any large private mega-yacht as a magnificent crew boat. A nice "soul-boat" will certainly become an adornment for you and your family. It is so natural for the whole family to love their boat and be proud of it. Then a Sunday week-end full of beauty and comfort will become a true holiday in any weather.

Welcome on board!

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Version of the interior 1. Central salon, kitchen, bow cabin, toilet

Expedition-3 - алюминиевый моторный катер

Version of the interior 1. Central salon, kitchen, bow cabin, toilet

Expedition-3 - алюминиевый моторный катер
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