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Sea Wolf - aluminium motor yacht


Sea Wolf-45

Aluminum motor yacht

Description and technical characteristics






Main cabin ceiling height

Ceiling hight in bow cabin

Passenger capacity

Sleep capacity

Fuel capacity

Water capasity

Outboard engines Evinrude 300G2

13.5 m (45 ft.)

3.6 m (11.81 ft.)

0.7 m (2.29 ft.)

20 º

8 tons

2 m (6.56 ft.)

1.8 m (3.28  ft.)


1000 liters (264 gal)

200 liters (52 gal)

3х300 HP

Aluminium motor yacht Sea Eagle 45ft.

The body of the new boat is made from light aluminum alloys with good autonomy and fuel capacity of 2 tons, equipped with three 300-horsepower newest outboard engines, EVINRUDE E-TEC G2.

We have worked out a few versions of the design and layout of this yacht. As a result, a new unmatched design was born with promising commercial potential. Due to the unusual concept that combines both individuality and simplicity, our concept compares favorably with existing analogues. Dynamic Boat "Show Stopper" with powerful outboard engines EVINRUDE E-TEC G2 from BRP- combines modern ideas in the application of advanced modular propulsion systems.

The size and amplitude of the central interior compares to  the 60-foot yacht with a large windows. The versatility of the interior layout, even in the bow is based on simple geometric components of the space of the boat. As a result - 50% reduction of use of integrated expensive built-in yacht furniture, while customers will be able to pick the furnishings of larger varieties from different furniture manufacturers.

In this project, we collected the best ideas in design, our creativity and experience in the development of its own unique product, our ability to build high-quality aluminum alloy housing. We have achieved a lot and welcome partners in the project willing to invest in production.

Aluminium motor yacht Sea Wolf 45ft.
Aluminium motor yacht Sea Wolf 45ft.
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