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The exterior of "Sea Eagle-50"

Aluminum yacht "Sea Eagle-50" in its unconventional concept carries a philosophy of freedom, individuality and speed. "Sea Eagle-50" - is for discerning consumers and connoisseurs of yachts and yachting market. It differs favorably from existing analogues. With the «walk around» assembly and high and safe bulwarks it has a fast and sporty silhouette of the driver's boat in the brutal "military" style.


The "Sea Eagle-50" marine aluminum hull, designed in our own construction design bureau, has impeccable contours for excellent gliding, amazing handling and high seaworthiness. The body material - aluminum - is imperative, which is why the yacht can come close to the shore without fear of minor scratches on the hull, without burdening the owner with a choice of a place to approach the shore and no need for cosmetic repairs or the maintenance of the hull cover.

Excellent comfortable conditions of the "Sea Eagle-50" allow possibility for a long stay onboard for three families. In addition to the central cabin there are two guest cabins with a double bed each, and an even more spacious master cabin.

Equipment: Motor yacht "Sea Eagle-50" is equipped with two 400 HP diesel engines VOLVO PENTA D6  and a fuel tank with 1000 liter capacity. For long-distance travels we can install increased capacity fuel tanks with volume of up to 2000 liters.

Advanced navigational and ultramodern multimedia systems are also available for the future owner, and undoubtedly they will organically fit into the general philosophy of the top level super-modern yacht. 


The interior of "Sea Eagle-50">>

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