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yacht james bond




Aluminum motor yacht

Description and technical characteristics





Main cabin ceiling height

Passenger capacity

Sleep capacity

Fuel capacity

Water capasity

36ft  (11 m)

8.37ft  (2.55 m)

1.15ft  (0.35 m)

2.9 tons

6 .89 ft (2.1 m)



600-1000 liters (158-264 gallons)

100 liters (26 gallons)

JB007- yacht james bond
Many people like movies about special agents and high speed chases - we know that!

Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of freedom, speed and adventure. We present to you "JB007" - a unique high-speed, 11-meter aluminum yacht that you can move in the back of the trailer, with two sleeping cabins and a fantastic two-zone spacious central salon.

The interior space of the yacht consists of a two-zone central cabin, a bow cabin, an aft cockpit cabin with a double bed, a galley unit and a bathroom with a shower.


​The interior of this yacht can be transformed into different layouts: every sofa in the central salon can be folded out into a double bed. Floor and cabinets of the galley unit are made from laminate wood.


All of the upholstery is made from light colored fabric. Ceiling is made of a light color vinyl.

The central salon has a separate dedicated guest and dining area with folding sofas.


In this yacht there are four permanent berths - two in each cabin, two more can be expanded for guests from the sofas of the central salon and one in the dining area.


During day rides on the yacht  the unique location and dispersal of the sofas in the central salon will allow ample seating for all passengers with maximum comfort, as befits a friendly company.


The owner's cabin is traditionally located in the bow of the yacht. It has a wardrobe, a spacious double bed and a bedside table. Thanks to the large tented windows the bow cabin is light and spacious.


The entrance to the guest cabin is located at the cockpit through a separate door. By the way this door and the entire back wall of the cabin are made of tinted glass. The salon is spacious and bright, you and  your guests can observe the world around you, however tinting will provide them with protection from prying eyes. In the stern cabin there is also a wardrobe and a bedside table. Despite the fact that the guest cabin is partially under the central cabin, the maximum ceiling height in it reaches 1.5 meters, which is quite high for a boat of this class.

Special attention should be paid to the kitchen area. It serves as the galley kitchen and is open to the dining area at the same time. Agree, it is very convenient to get together at the table with a cheerful company and prepare dinner at the same time.


​The toilet in the motor yacht is equipped with a basic sea toilet and a sink. Optionally, you can install a shower and a boiler for heating water. By the way, you can get to the toilet both from the central salon and from the bow cabin, and a special system of locking the doors will make you feel comfortable.

The swift sporty body in the style of "SIGARETTE" is made of marine aluminum because for us safety is paramount. Light and durable material - marine aluminum AMG5 (5083) does not make the yacht heavier but provides for extra durability and strength of the boat. Due to its light weight and transport dimensions along the length and width, the yacht can be transported on a trailer, which will alow you to quickly transfer the boat to any water area: from the prestigious resort lakes in the foothills of the Alps, to any sea coast.

JB007 - aluminum motor yacht
JB007 - aluminum motor yacht
JB007 - aluminum motor yacht
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