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News: New design for a charter!

It's fantastic! New offer for a charter! In our design bureau, a 55-foot sailing yacht designed for a private customer has been completed.

The central salon, master cabin, two guest cabins, and a separate galley unit will allow you to enjoy the spaciousness of this yacht in the company of up to six people. A large cockpit is designed for a long time in the open air. On the open deck there is an additional kitchen and a grill.

The architecture of the yacht's superstructure is in the classical style, with wooden decorative elements. Cockpit is absolutely open with bulwarks from side to side, giving the sensation of a spacious deck like on a large super yacht. It is emphasized by the separate couches on the deck, the hard top over the sofa area and an excellent overview of the surroundings. The first yacht will be built from wood.

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